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Programs ​

D.E.C. Educators are trained to know developmental milestones and when they aren't being met, this may signify greater concern.

Knowledgeable Educators are key to our mission for each child enrolled at our centers and in-home locations; if a child is not meeting developmental milestones it may be due to common learning disabilities, which are important for parents to know before a child enters grade school, and we are here to help! Our state of the art curriculum starts with an assessment of each child when they are enrolled at D.E.C., it is then that an individualized plan is created for each child and their learning needs. No childcare center should be a "one style fits all" this only creates low confidence for children and students. We are also technology friendly. We use technology in moderation, as a teaching tool, and when used in the proper manner technology allows children to learn at a faster pace, become familiar with using technology responsibly, learn perseverance, and prepare them for the world in which we live. "Childcare operators and educators can no longer afford to ignore the benefits of technology in early learning." (ECEF, 2018).   All activities that require technology use, are monitored, only school programs are accessible, and all programs have been tried, tested with exemplary results.  While we pride ourselves in being all about natural exploration and education, it's important to balance those concepts with creativity and fun!


*ECEF.(2018). Early Childhood Education Foundation. The Role of Technology in Childcare and Early Learning.

In-Home Care with Helper Duties

Worried about your child's socio-emotional, cognitive and language development during these isolated and confusing times?

Worry no more! As a way to serve our families and communities, we offer in-home private services for infants, toddlers, pre-school, pre-k, and school age children. Our educators will provide helper duties and age appropriate curriculum for students under 5, that include, outdoor activities, art & crafts, science experiments and much more. This platform has been designed with children in mind, to provide ample opportunities for play and exploration. A Early Learning Specialist will be sent to your home with specialized materials for the day, all you have to do is provide basic school materials/equipment and a section for individualized instruction to be taught. For students attending school virtually, our Education Specialists will assist and supplement instruction and lessons provided by their school.

Our Specialists are:

Experienced- no less than 3 years 

Vetted- undergo extensive background screening

Trained- appropriate educational techniques and interactions

Passionate- deep rooted interest in early childhood education  

Committed to Excellence

We, Destiny Enrichment Center, hold ourselves to the highest level of exceptional care and educational excellence as those held by each State Department of Social Services and NAEYC standards. All D.E.C. staff and every member of our team, will be vetted and (at minimum) meet the standards of a licensed provider of their state. 

We know that working from home with kiddos can be a lot on families; the constant guilt, worry, and frustration ring true in most households during this time, allow us to get and keep your child school ready. 

                         Early Learners & School Age 

Infant & Toddler

Schedule: FT or PT

Times: Based on families needs

Ratio/Pods: 1:4

Age: 2 and under


Schedule: FT or PT

Times: Based on Families needs

Ratio/Pods: 1:6

Age: 2-3 1/2y


Schedule: FT or PT

Times: Based on families needs

Ratio/Pods: 1-8

Age: 3 1/2-5y

School Age

In-home school work assistance

Schedule: FT or PT 

Times: Based on the local school schedule

Ages: Elementary & Middle 

Spots are extremely limited! Enroll by December 31st for our introductory pricing.

With many educational systems going virtual, we are pleased to offer in-home educational assistance to our families with school aged students.  

Our full day in-person school based assistance, will allow students the opportunity to receive the educational assistance they need during their live sessions and independent studies. 

Our children deserve the best education in spite of these unfortunate times. Let our educators help them achieve academic 

excellence this virtual school year. 

The more families in a pod, the less each individual family will pay. You can keep your pod for just your family or you can go into a pod with others, your options are limitless. If you have a mixed age group, the price will vary. Prices are set per pod (or group), up to the number of kids for each age group. We are here to meet the needs of our families!

Terms: All parents must commit to 1 month terms, with a 30 day notice. Tuition will be due every Friday, for the upcoming week. . 


Center Care

Beloved Babies


We will help your little one transition to childcare, don't worry! Our Infant Care Program takes place in a  caring, loving, nurturing, explorative  and educational environment. Theorist Maslow synthesizes children (especially infants) need to feel safe and loved in order to meet developmental milestones, at D.E.C. this is indebted on all our classes and through all our educators.  Language/Literacy are introduced with hands on teaching and early sign language, wellness through play, creativity through expression and play, tummy time and socio-emotional development through stimulating interactions within the classroom.  

Thinking Toddlers

16-24 months

Curiosity is key at this stage, as it continues to rise, your child's natural interests begin to emerge. Our Educators are trained to learn the interests of your child, this allows them to establish a learning pattern best suited for your child, which results in maximum learning and retention.  We provide developmentally appropriate supplies for children to continue learning their shapes, colors, counting, and language. We provide children with material to act our their imaginations, experiment with science, music instruments, reading, and hands on learning supplies of arts, and crafts. We continue to advance and build upon their early sign language skills, while also introducing early Spanish language through music and repetition.    

 Preschool Presidents

2-3 years

We are all about learning and creativity at this age.  STEM is introduced to our preschool classes in combination with project based learning. Children are still being nurtured and loved, while being given stimulating curriculum in preparation for Pre-K. Language immersion in Spanish, Mandarin (introduction), and sign language are continued. Children begin to learn about feelings and emotions and we encourage their expressions. At this stage in a child's life, becoming upset is common, we use yoga, calming techniques, and re-direction to center their energy.  Building confidence through affirmation, reassurance and continued guidance are cornerstones to building a well developed child and student, you'll be sure to find this in every D.E.C. classroom. Our Educators continue work to expand the vocabulary of our children, expand their reading and familiarization, recognize numbers and letters, build basic reasoning skills, and become a little more independent.  

Pre-K Elites

4-5 years

Our Pre-K Elites become students and are well prepared for Kindergarten and beyond based on our proven teaching techniques and strategies. As our Educators recognize and track the learning strategy of each individual student, they're able to use a teaching method uniquely tailored to the learning of the student. D.E.C. understands the importance of individualization, and children are treated as themselves. Kindergarten preparedness is at the core of every classroom for Pre-K Elites and we can say confidently, our students will be above par when they begin their school year. 

School Age Scholars

5-12 years

We offer before and after school enrichment programs for school age students. Homework assistance, STEM, Arts, Sports Activities and Camps, Tutoring and Computer Programming are all included in before and after school programs. Summer Camps and other seasonal activities may be offered during school breaks.

Additional Enrichment Programs

Programs to fit the need of every child

Little Yoga Time 


 We have found that providing our children with yoga as a part of their regular routine, reduces stress, increases concentration, provides relaxation and provides an outlet for any built up energy. 

Children are full of energy, and we wouldn't have it any other way! However, providing an outlet allows them to become more connected with their inner self and channel some of their energy.

Performing Arts


Who doesn't love to perform! Children are continuing to become familiar with themselves, and performing arts help them to get there! Performing Art is a version of make pretend that children and students absolutely love. Allowing children to dress up, perform plays, dance combinations, puppetry and musical theater allows them to use their imagination, better their communication skills, assist with socio-emotional development and perform better academically. Performing Arts "in front of a loved one" is an added bonus, and we allow students the creativity to do this once a month on a big, beautiful, lighted stage. 

*Programs and activities vary by location

Developmental Assessments


Quarterly assessments are provided for every child entering D.E.C. Quarterly Assessments provide our educators with the developmental and academic levels of children, so an individualized action plan may be created and implemented for the best success of the child. 

 Mainline: 407-395-2941                                                                                                                                [email protected]

 Proudly serving families throughout the U.S.                                                                                             [email protected]